The Tea Building used to be full of tea. Now it's full of ideas.

Tenants, Units & Availability

The Tea Building is home to a variety of creative, talented and innovative tenants, as well as Pizza East restaurant and Shoreditch House.

See your business grow at Tea.

8,000 sq ft now available.

Availability at Tea

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Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea brings together all sorts of clever thinking to help us improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon output and make life at Tea more enjoyable.


Tea is a great environment to work in, but it was designed to house sacks of tea, not people, built in the days when energy efficiency wasn't on anyone's radar. So there's lots we can do to keep improving this light industrial space and make it a model of comfort and sustainable development.

Better Windows

We're replacing all the old single-glazed windows with high-spec double-glazed ones. They provide better insulation, but are cleverly designed so they don't make the building too hot for people in the summer, with vents built in so air can circulate.

Clever Lighting

We're fitting new, high-efficiency lamps all over the building and giving them intelligent infra-red sensors. So they switch themselves off during the night, at times when it's naturally bright or when it's really quiet.

Smart Thermal Loop

The sun hits the south of the building, so it heats up more quickly than the north side. Our smart rooftop heat exchanger makes sure this heat is distributed, so nobody gets too hot or cold. If it's chilly outside, this extra heat is shared around. And if it's boiling hot, the colder air from the north of the building is shared so everyone stays cool.

Tea Building